Center for Information and Communications Technology Research (CICTR)

CICTR researchers team with industry and government partners to generate solutions for the current and future technical challenges in those areas of technologies, systems, and network architectures that enable the vision of the information age.

Merging fundamental research with real world applications, our research group attempts to improve the performance and reliability of Communications Networked Systems.

CICTR activities include feasibility studies, applied research, software development, hardware prototype development, and education and training.

Latest Publications

  • "The most compelling story of how Internet of Light will transform our world is the one still being written: the future of lighting, communications, sensing and the birth of a new enterprise lighting Network." ~ M. Kavehrad
  • 2015 New Book - Short Range Optical Wireless: Theory and Applications - Buy
  • M. Kavehrad, "Optical Wireless", "IEEE WiSEE 2015" Keynote Presentation, December 2015.
  • M. Kavehrad, "Indoor Positioning by Light," IEEE Summer Topical meeting, (Invited Presentation), Bahamas, July 2015.
  • M. Aminikashani, W.Gu, M. Kavehrad, "Indoor Positioning with OFDM Visible Light Communications," IEEE CCNC 2016, Las Vegas, January 2016.
  • W. Gu, M. Aminikashani, M. Kavehrad, "Indoor Visible Light Positioning System with Multipath Reflection Analysis," IEEE ICCE 2016, Las Vegas, January 2016.
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