Optical wireless applications group to meet at Penn State

April 30th, 2013
Improving communications security and efficiency, eliminating electromagnetic interference and easing the spectrum crunch are some of the topics that will be tackled at the third Industrial Advisory Board meeting of the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on Optical Wireless Applications (COWA), May 15-17, on the Penn State University Park campus.

COWA is a joint center of Penn State and the Georgia Institute of Technology and is funded by the National Science Foundation. Mohsen Kavehrad, W. L. Weiss Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering, Penn State, is the director of COWA. The meeting, which is intended for engineers, leaders and executives in industry, and researchers in the communications and optical fields, will cover the broad field of optics and wireless in terms of technical science and engineering. Topics include communications, information processing and data storage; defense and national security; energy; and health and medicine.

The meeting will review present work and discussions on appropriate future investigations will follow.

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