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October 2002


Research News:

University Park, Pa. --- Penn State engineers have developed an economical way to more efficiently manage radio spectrum use and prevent interference on wireless broadband systems for high-speed Internet access – potentially bringing down costs for consumers.


July 2002


Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse Inc award on " 10,000BASE-T Transmission over Standard Category-5 Copper Cable".


March 2002



The 2001 IEEE VTS Neal Shepherd Best Propagation Paper Award   goes to a paper entitled, "Indoor Wireless Infrared Channel Characterization by Measurements," IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Tech., Vol.-50, No. 4, July 2001, authored by M.R. Pakravan, M. Kavehrad, H. Hashemi.


 M.R. Pakravan received his Ph.D. under Dr. Kavehrad’s supervision in the year 2000 with a Dissertation Title: "Indoor Infrared Wireless Communication Channel”.

Fall 2001




Charting the digital frontier; Penn State engineers are helping to define tomorrow's innovations

November 2001

Special issue of Multimedia Tools and Applications;


      Multimedia Systems, Mobile Computing and Global Information Sharing 


     Guest Editors: A. Hurson, M. Kavehrad

July to November 2001




Research News:


University Park, Pa. --- Penn State engineers have shown that broadband, wireless, indoor, local area    communication     networks that rely on non-line-of-sight infrared (IR) signal transmission can offer low error rates as well as safe, low  — below one Watt — power levels.


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iG - NY TIMES:  As ondas de rádio não conseguirão competir com a luz," afirmou Mohsen Kavehrad

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Dec. 98 IEEE Communications Magazine: Imaging Diversity Receivers for High-Speed Infrared Wireless

E4Engineering, UK.: Penn State discovery is out of sight

August 2001

Shared University Research Grant from IBM  for Pervasive and Wireless research program.

June 2001


M. Kavehrad, " Next Generation Wireless and Optical Communications Systems,” Keynote Lecture, Wireless & Optical Communications (WOC-2001), Banff-Alberta-Canada, June 27-29, 2001.

January 2001

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