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August 2000

The 43rd Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems

Title: Next generation Wireless Communications Systems

Plenary Speaker:  Dr. Mohsen Kavehrad


July 2000

Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse Inc  Award on "Mobile Multimedia Services in Third Generation Systems  and Beyond".


May 2000


              By: Margaret Hopkins


April 2000

Research Contract Award from Oberon – “Wireless Communications Solutions" Inc to work on "Intelligent Access Hub". 


April 2000


An overview of the communications and information technology ...

ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review
Volume 4 ,  Issue 2 ,  pp.- 70-73, April 2000


March 2000

Grant-in-Aid from Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs) to work on "Next Generation Wireless Systems".


December 1999

CICTR Researchers Win Technology Development Award offered by the Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse Inc., an industry/university/ government partnership designed to make Southwestern Pennsylvania a worldwide leader in  the development of next-generation system-on-a-chip (SOC) technology. Proposal "Indoor Wireless Communications Using Infrared Light" received funding.


September 1999


Shared University Research Grant from IBM  for IP over D-WDM research program.

August 1999

NSF AWARD: Grant for research on Millimeter-wave Broadband Fixed Wireless ATM Local 




July 1999

Book:  Mobile Computing Environments for Multimedia Systems


By:  B. Prabhakaran (Editor), Mohsen Kavehrad (Editor)


April 1999

 Technology Trends 2000: R&D in the New Millennium, April 5-7, 1999 Convention Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 Dual-Use Technology:
  With a continued emphasis on COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) procurement the   opportunities

for technology transfer  partnerships and commercialization of government are growing geometrically.

This breakout session will discuss the opportunities and the methods for encouraging a workable

environment for dual-use applications.

 Mr. Eugene Famalari, US Army Communications and Electronics Command; 
 Dr. David Goodman, WINLAB, Rutgers University; 
 Dr. Mohsen Kavehrad, CICTR, Penn State University;   Presentation
 Mr. Mark Lister, NIDL, Sarnoff Corporation; 
 Mr. Dan Petonito, OSD, Dual Use Science & Technology Office; 
 Dr. Stuart Personic, Drexel University.


March 1999

News and Photos: Lockheed Martin Philanthropy: (Photos taken at CICTR Lab.,) 


Engineering powerhouse Lockheed Martin Corp. has announced a five-year funding commitment to

 student aid needs and  research projects in the Center for Information and Communications Technology Research ( CICTR ). 
New research and development funds will also provide a graduate fellowship each year of the program.   Approximately 1,100
State alumni work for Lockheed Martin worldwide. 
 In October 1998, Marcus C. Hansen, President of Lockheed Martin Management & Data Systems and a

1968 graduate of Penn State, was on campus to announce the five year commitment by

Lockheed Martin.


March 1999

NSF AWARDGrant for research on Broadband Indoor Wireless Access Using Infrared. 


January 1999

Contract from AMERITCH for research on Next Generation Switching Configurations and on Differentiated Services in Internet.


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